The Virtual Plan Book is a collection of log home designs that have been carefully selected to meet a range of personal desires. They have been selected through an analysis of client preferences over thirty years. We have reviewed existing plans in the industry, including the winners of several plan design contests. Murray Arnott has served as a juror of hundreds of plans submitted from log builders and design firms for plan contests and is also a recipient of six winning entries. Murray Arnott will license the use of our Sample Plans with the goal of creating win-win outcomes for both ourselves and your Building firm.

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Murray Arnott Design works with qualified log builders and manufacturers to develop their existing plans catalogue to a higher level, both in terms of design quality and presentation features. We also work with you to develop new plans in accordance with your market goals. Manufactured builders can take advantage of the powerful ArchiCAD Log Home Solution. Plans are developed in ArchiCAD as sales and marketing tools. The same 3D plan models are used to generate full construction documents, cutting and packing lists and inventory control mechanisms.


With changing demographics and larger, more expensive log homes being desired, many log builders and manufacturers cannot deliver the level of professional design service demanded by some discerning clients. Murray Arnott Design delivers the same full-scope professional service to your clients as is currently provided to Murray Arnott Design’s own clients. It involves working in partnership with you, the log builder or manufacturer, in the delivery of the design and consulting service in a way that meets both of our goals and results in a better home and more satisfied clients. This service is even more effective where the log builder uses the same proprietary software (ArchiCAD) as Murray Arnott Design, although it is not a prerequisite. Murray Arnott Design has AutoCAD software and staff trained in its use and can export to all common file formats from its 3D-based ArchiCAD.


When the nature of a plan or a client’s budget does not allow a full scope design service, many log builders and manufacturers can benefit immensely from the input of a professional review by the experienced architects and log home design specialists at Murray Arnott Design. We review plans-in-progress submitted by the log builders and manufacturers at different stages in the design process. Murray Arnott Design provides clear comments and suggestions to help create better plans and more satisfied clients. These are all tailored to your specific preferred building systems to simplify production.


Log home dealers and the design and drafting staff of many log home builders often have little training in architectural design. Murray Arnott is not only recognized as an exceptional log home design specialist, but he has proven experience teaching design to the public and professionals, both at a written level and in seminars. He will help train your staff at your location so that you can deliver a more in-depth, knowledgeable, client-sensitive design process with mutually profitable results for your clients and for your firm’s reputation.


To find out more about how your log building or manufacturing company can deliver better, more profitable design services to its clients through a working partnership with Murray Arnott Design, please contact us today.

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